Lady Gaga naked pictures

May 7th, 2010

Like any other popular celebs, Lady Gaga will be constantly watched and monitored by all her over zealous fans. Every one of her fans want to see what she does daily, what she eats and if possible would like to check out her trash can too. I am a fan but I’m more into the scandalous news type of a guy. Just makes me happy to see what she does behind close doors and something just leaked out. No matter how big of a star Lady Gaga is, she is still one of us. A normal human being who has her needs. So is really cool to know that sometimes your favorite pop icon like Lady Gaga taking naked pictures of herself and being naughty and let loose. Here are some hot pictures of Lady Gaga with a fellow female friend that I took from the member area of Paparazzi Stalkers

Lady Gaga definitely know how to have fun when go clubbing with her girlfriends.

Looks like she is ready to go have herself a muff dive

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Lady Gaga early days

May 7th, 2010

I bet you are here because you are a fellow fan of Lady Gaga. Lets try to exchange more info on our favorite celebs. Even though I am a happy member of Paparazzi Stalkers, where they provide lots of juicy sex tapes, naked celeb pictures and sex scandal of all the A-List celebs. Even with shit load of pictures and videos of celebs in the member area that can satisfy me, I still like to search all over the Internet for juicier pictures of my favorite celeb like Lady Gaga. Here are some pictures of Lady Gaga that I’ve found in her early days.

Even in the early days Lady Gaga already has her own sense of fashion. Most of us think that she is trying to look sexy to sell her music. I think she is just an amazing song writer and she just happen to own an amazing sexy body.

Here another picture of Lady Gaga doing a show on stage in a park. Just look at all the blokes staring at her nice formed ass in her black panties. With her fishnet stocking and a silver bra. If you want naughtier naked pictures of Lady Gaga, you should join Paparazzi Stalkers for $1!

I love Lady Gaga

May 7th, 2010

I’m sure all of you must have at least heard of this awesome character by the name of Lady Gaga. She broke into the scene by storm and currently is one of the most talked about celebs there is. I know the tunes of Lady Gaga before even knowing who actually sang those catchy tunes. Who will not tap their feet while listening to the song of Ma…ma…ma….ma….ma…poker face. Thanks to the Internet I began to research this gifted celeb by the name of Lady Gaga.

Saw her music video one time and immediately liked her instantly. I don’t think she is super gorgeous but she has massive appeals. She is lovable and yet seems kinda mysterious at the same time. I have to admit I felt something in my pants when I was watching her music video on MTV. Her fashion seems original and I get a hard on looking at her groin just slightly covered by her half swim suit and half dress kinda costume. That became her signature fashion and you can see girls around the world trying to dress like her.

Of course when you become famous, the public wants to know more about you. I guess I am one of them and love to follow all her latest news. I have to admit I love looking at scandal pictures of my favorite celebs. I don’t think that’s anything wrong with that as looking at all this candid pictures, nip slips or spy camera pictures just turn me on. You can show me the prettiest girl spreading her pussy and not an inch of thread on her body, I will not get as hard as I would looking at the pictures of nip slip of my favorite celeb like Lady Gaga. Just my thing I guess. And if you guys share the same interest as me, good news for you guys as I found a site specializing in all these scandal pictures and sex tapes. Name of the site is CelebsOnly and you can click on link below to see Lady Gaga sex scandal pictures.